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About this Event

In response to recent global developments, as well as from a basic best practice point of view, financial sector firms need to continuously refine their crisis and incident management, business continuity and disaster recovery plans, improving and adapting them as needed.

EVOLVE 2021: Rethinking Operational Resilience for Financial Services, Americas edition was put together to help the industry to attain these objectives whilst at the same time offering a platform for key practitioners to share ideas and concerns.

This evenet enabled C-suite executives and senior managers to benefit from real-life case studies to illustrate how operational resilience is, now more than ever, an evolutionary process hinging on industry cooperation, inter-jurisdictional and international dialogue and mutual support. This will allow industry leaders to embed resilience thinking into their strategies and change management frameworks, so as to protect and sustain their core business services as we adjust and adapt to the “new normal”.

Key Speakers

Kevin Greenfield

Deputy Comptroller for Operational Risk Policy

Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC)

Angie Radiskovic

Senior Director, Non-Financial Risk Group


Rajat Baijal

MD, Global Head of Enterprise Risk

Cantor Fitzgerald

Amy Shanle

Managing Director, Head of Entterrise Change & Resiliency Office

Bank of New York Mellon

Mandar Rege

Managing Director, Operational Risk Management, Tech, and Cyber


Chris Olson

Head of Operational Risk Management


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